For years I have always wondered how can a man or woman can use people from all over the metal spectrum  to do, act, and have such profound control over the masses. This is called the power of belief and how it can be abused if it’s In the wrong hands. This sometimes comes at a cost to the Parishioner not the leader. I was raised in such a situation where that was the norm. The needs of the few or the one out weighs the needs of the many. My family unfortunately was on the side of the many. 

Hello everyone. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Carl. 

My executive producer told me to write about myself and to inform you that I’m wildly entertaining and I can carry a conversation better than anyone he knows, and he is right. The vast array of topics, podcasts, and show will keep you questioning in inquiring on what will we talk about next. Relationships to wrestling to gaming to sexual disappointments and accomplishments, and let’s not forget about the food.